Introducing Trevor Dinsmore!

Trevor Dinsmore is a long standing and personal friend of our pastor Ian Wilson.

Hi – Trevor Dinsmore here, saved on the 26th April 1982 by the grace of God I have been a gospel musician and bible teacher for some 37 years now. Having come from a background of being a professional musician, it has been a wonderful journey to see the medium of music being so fruitful for the kingdom of God instead of being a negative and destructive force.

I have travelled on mission teams around Australia, New Zealand, England and Russia and have seen God move greatly in the salvation of souls and healings.

Married with 2 beautiful children and a lovely wife, I have run my own business for some 23 years which has paid for my ministry and mission trips, and enabled me to be a witness to the gospel in the electrical industry I work in.

I have been a guest speaker in many churches as well as the full gospel mens breakfasts and performed bible and music clinics wherever I have gone.

God has enabled me to extend my teaching ministry to different media and at present I have a daily Facebook page where I post those thoughts that the Holy Spirit inspires.

Jesus is my Lord, my Saviour, my deliverer and provider, and my hope and inspiration and I give all glory to Him.

                   How Rich are You?

As the old saying goes,”The wages of sin is death but the wages of some are ridiculous!” as we read Forbes ‘rich list’ of wealthy people with Bill Gates at #1 with $81.1 Billion, Warren Buffett with $73.8 Billion, a Spanish guy called Amancio Ortega with $67 Billion, and a Mexican man called Carlos Slim Helu coming in 4th with $50 Billion!!!!

    That is more than the income of most countries which staggers the mind but each of these only own a portion of the worlds wealth! They all fade into insignificance next to one man, one man who own’s it all, the whole world and everything in it, now that is REALLY rich and yet gave it all up to save the world, and then to receive it all back again – the man Jesus the Christ!

2 Corinthians 8:9:

   You think of the splendour of heaven where he resided and in Rev 21  we see not only is the city made of pure gold but so are the streets – He used pure gold at some $1220 US dollars an ounce for road base!….now that is wealth beyond our imagination but He surrendered it all willingly to become like us (beggars) so that through His poverty we may be made rich and that is what Easter is all about if only us pea brain humans could see.

As they say “some people are so poor all they have is money!” – the real riches are the forgiveness of a lifetime of sin and the promise of eternal life in the perfection of Heaven at the feet of Jesus, the King above all kings and money cannot buy that, but Jesus did!

 I am sure Bill Gates would be unwilling to share his wealth with common old me and yet Jesus did – don’t want to brag but it’s so incredible and wonderful to know the richest man in the universe personally!…thank You Lord.

Trevor Dinsmore